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For pilots, that a colleague may have intentionally crashed his plane and killed everybody on board, is not only horrific but embarrassing, offensive, and potentially stigmatizing to the entire profession. Unless an interesting contact was found but not yet disclosed, this scenario also can be dismissed.

The Russians basically own the Syrian airspace already. It must be emphasized that there is no evidence to support a specific post I really wonder what Erdogan is hoping to achieve.

That is a task for the Syrian air defenses. In addition, new-hire pilots at some airlines must undergo psychological examinations prior to being hired. Furthermore, it is incorrect to assume that these cruise missiles flew a direct course from the Mediterranean to their target thereby almost overflying the Russian radar positions.

The opposite is true. From another civilized country, maybe. Flying is a stressful job already. What is certain is that demonstrations of force are very much frowned upon on the Russian culture which strongly believes that a really tough guy does not have to look the part.

Which leaves the DPRK.

A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences

But the two countries which really need to step up to the plate are Russia and China. Maybe the most frustrating result of the disaster, though, is knowing that people around the world are getting on airplanes today and wondering, if only idly, if their pilots are pilots are potential mass-murderers.

How Germanwings Failed at Crisis Communications

I was letting it go in deference to the more serious and tragic aspects of this crash, but my patience has expired. They are going to be just as mad at the government as we are. How does that square with layers of safety supposedly being peeled away.

Then, when the Russians demand a full investigation, the Americans strike as fast as they can before this idea gets any support. Our only consolation is that all the dramatic events taking place right now in the USA are signs of weakness.

The Americans say that all missiles hit their targets. I had no use for Bannon at all. So after giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, the Russians are now returning to a Obama-times like posture in Syria. One person I spoke to raised the possibility that the crew, after initiating what was a more or less stable descent rate, became unconscious somehow as the plane descended, maybe as a result of not donning their oxygen masks quickly enough after a decompression.

Over the past week or so we saw both Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson completely contradict themselves over and over again: The captain is not always the oldest or even the most experienced pilot onboard. Germanwings Flight was a scheduled international passenger flight from Barcelona–El Prat Airport in Spain to Düsseldorf Airport in Germany.

The flight was operated by Germanwings, a low-cost carrier owned by the German airline Lufthansa. Psychological Autopsy Essay and Questions About the Germanwings Crash Jean-Pierre Soubrier Related information.

1 Centre de Ressources en Suicidologie – CRES, Paris, France.

Germanwings suicide pilot's family claims it has fresh evidence that will clear his name

Accepted November 22, meaning that on the day of the crash he was on medical leave but the airline was not informed by him or the doctors.

Mar 24,  · Aviation insiders are referring to an Airbus that crashed in the French Alps as a workhorse. CBS News transportation and safety experts join CBSN with a deep.

Germanwings crash: victims' relatives say Lufthansa should have stopped pilot flying

Mar 27,  · Correction. An Op-Ed article on Friday misstated the age of Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps.

Germanwings Disaster Essay Caroline Stamm English Professor Davis April 7, Germanwings Disaster Germanwings Flightan Airbus A, departed Barcelona en route to Dusseldorf on Tuesday morning.

Around 30 minutes into the flight, the plane had reached a cruising altitude of 38, feet when it began to descend rapidly at a rate. Over two months after co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed a Germanwings plane into the Alps, airlines and regulators are still debating how to prevent such a tragedy from repeating itself.

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Germanwings suicide pilot's family claims it has fresh evidence that will clear his name